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People today are facing a Lot of Problems & Many of them can be easily Addressed, with the Help of the Latest Technology Available to us today. Zoxus has been Incorporated with an AIM to address, atleast a few of these Problems. Scroll below to know More!

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Our Target –  to Grow Exponentially

We discovered Huge Void in the Markets, and with the Help of the Products & Services we’re building, we except to grow Exponentially, and reach a GMV of $100 Billion, by 2030.

State-of-the-Art Technological Innovations

We believe in Innovation, & we want our Products to be Technologically Advanced & User Friendly. With the Help of Block-Chain, AI, ML , AR, VR etc., today we can build exceptionally Intelligent & Highly Secure Applications, and we want our users to Experience Nothing Short of Perfection.

Maximum Value to All our Stake Holders

We want to grow, and Simultaneously we want all our Stake Holders, be it our Investors, Partners, Vendors, Employees, or Customers etc.,  to get Maximum Value for their Association with our Company.

We Also want to be an Active Partner, in Giving back to the Society. A Happy & Progressive Society, helps in Better value for everybody.


Our Story

Zoxus, a Start-up based out of Hyderabad, has been founded in the year 2018, by Mr.Ajeeth Haricharan, fondly called as AJ, to bring in a Technological Revolution in the Sectors like e-Commerce, Social Networking, Media, IoT, & Transportation etc., and address the Pressing Needs of the Society.

Our Companies Name Zoxus has been derived from the Greek God Zeus, the god of the sky, lightning and thunder, which Represent Infinite Possibilities, Super Fast Speeds, & Maximum Power. 

He is also the God of law, order, and justice, the Virtues that Most Essential for a Peaceful Society. So, we also want to create Products & Solutions, that help the Mankind live in Most Peaceful, & Advancing Conditions. 

Our Core Values are Innovation, Efficiency, & Maximum Value.

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Ajeeth Haricharan


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